Tournament Rules & General Info

Teams to consist of an equi-split of u14 and u15 players per team (where possible)

Teams to consist of 12 players and 2 officials per team

Teams to play in their official school / club / academy / sponsors clothing throughout the tournament

Umpires and scorers will be provided for all matches

156g cricket balls will be used and provided for by the tournament organizers

Each team will play each other on a round-robin format. Finals may or may not be played.

Twenty (20) overs per team in round-robin matches, semi-finals and Finals

In interrupted matches a minimum of 8 overs by both teams constitute a match

Four (4) overs per bowler in all matches; and in interrupted matches no more than one-fifth of overs allowed

Minimum of six (6) balls and maximum of eight (8) balls per over (except for the final over of an innings which shall be a minimum of 6 (six) balls and shall continue until a legitimate over is completed

Minimum of four (4) overs spin

Six (6) overs of Power Play at the beginning of innings (No more than 2 players outside the circle). If no circle then umpires judgement

Power Play in interrupted matches: 19-20=6 overs; 15-18=5 overs; 12-14=4 overs; 8-11=3 overs

Free Hit rule applies ONLY for front foot No Ball

Maximum run-up of 10 meters for bowlers (marked)

A wide ball shall be adjudged at the discretion of the umpire, but specifically any ball that passes the leg-stump shall be adjudged to be a wide ball

R/R points scoring: Win 2 points; Draw 1 point; No result due to weather/pitch 1 point

In round-robin matches, if a match ends in a tie, no eliminator over will be played and a draw will result

Final log positions for round-robin matches will be determined as follows:

The teams with the most points on the log

In the event of the team(s) finishing on equal number of points, the final log position(s) will be determined in the following order of priority:

The team with the most number of wins

If still equal, the team with the most number of wins over the other team(s) who are equal on points and have the same number of wins

If still equal, the team with the highest net run rate (Net run rate = runs scored / overs actually faced. A side bowled out within their allotted overs will have their run rate based on their full quota of overs. If a match is declared a no result, run rate is not applicable)

If there is a tie in a knock-out fixture, then a one over per side eliminator will be played:

Teams nominate three (3) batsmen and one (1) bowler

Umpires to stand at the same ends as that when match ended

No fielding restrictions will apply

The team batting second in the match will bat first

The loss of two wickets will end the teams one over innings

In the event of teams ending on the same number of runs the team hitting the most sixes in match (excluding eliminator over) will win the match

If still equal, the team with the most boundaries hit in the innings (excluding eliminator over) will win the match

If still equal the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin, unless the knock-out fixture was a final in which instance the result will be shared

REMINDER: All batsmen must wear helmets whilst batting and wicket-keepers must wear helmets or protective head gear whilst in wicket-keeper stance ready to receive a bowled ball. The umpire will first caution any defaulting person and give him/her time to put on such stipulated protective wear. In the event of defaulting person not complying to the caution he/she will be defaulted from continuing in their specific defaulting role as either batsman or wicket-keeper. Such batsman will be given out, with no bowler being credited with the wicket; whilst such wicket-keeper will only be allowed to continue as a fielder, with an alternate wicket-keeper taking on such responsibility.